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Choose our iron products like Iron Tawa, Iron Fry Pan, etc., to give new wings to your cooking experience! 
About Unique Steel Industries

Iron utensils have always graced Indian kitchens since time immemorial. However, with non-stick cooking products flooding the market, many home cooks and chefs have fallen for the ease of these non-sticky pans and pots for cooking delicacies. This has affected the sale of iron cookware but have never made it lose its unique market appeal as many know the advantages of using these iron products to cook food. If truth be told, iron products have now made a comeback in style with various big names selling these iron utensils with the quality hallmark of their brands. We, Unique Steel Industries, are one such manufacturer and seller dealing in iron utensils like Dosa Tawa, Induction Iron Tawa, Iron Fry Pan, etc., that are completely safe for cooking a host of tasty recipes, even with less oil.

Why Iron Utensils?

As everyone today prefers going back to their roots for holistic living, including eating organically grown produce, using organic bath care & personal care products, choosing clothes made with sustainable fibres and styling up spaces with furniture and home furnishings made using eco-friendly materials, we believe our range too can contribute to enhancing living standard, the organic way. As opposed to cooking utensils made of other materials, iron cookware has many advantages to offer, from treating anaemia to ensuring no release of toxic fumes when cooking food for long. No wonder, many buyers today have started gravitating towards using traditional iron cookware and cooking utensils for preparing food.

Our Production Facility

We have thrived in our field as an expert manufacturer and wholesaler of Iron Cookware. We craft our special range at our own foundry where we employ proprietary technologies for product development. Hi tech machinery for iron processing, melting, moulding and testing are installed at this setup that greatly improves our competence as a utensil producer. We also have the ongoing support of many dexterous hands that keep our manufacturing unit running smoothly. From time to time, we upgrade our foundry equipment and tools so that we generate no pollution, waste minimum resources, including water and electricity, as we create Dosa Tawa, Induction Iron Tawa, Iron Fry Pan, etc., in different shapes, finishes, sizes and styles. All the utensils we produce feature the following:

  • Excellent durability
  • Give non sticky cooking experience
  • Improve the quality of food & overall cooking quality

Our range also comes in many user-friendly designs & styles.
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